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Jordan Mulson
They REALLY do work - like a miracle!

They REALLY do work! I put some of the Orange on an ankle injury that's been bothering me this morning, and it's SO mind-blowing that it made it feel better in SECONDS. It really is a miracle cream.

Beyond that recent example, we've been using the creams for years. And there really is something special about them. The relief, in many situations, is immediate and very tangible. They're a mind blowing blessing!

Thank you so much for the awesome review!!!!
It really makes a difference when people take the time to share their experience. It helps and encourages others to try these amazing creams that we put so much love and effort into perfecting.

Teresa Boyd

All three creams together work wonders. I am supposed to have knee surgery and now after using the creams the pain is mostly gone and I have started jogging again!!

Hi Teresa and thanks so much for taking the time to write the review. We are so thrilled that you have seen such great success. Totally thrilled. And thanks for referring your friend to us. Good luck with the jogging and please do not overdo it!!

Patricia Libman
Amazing success each time used!

I have used the creams for a number of problems.
1. Trigger finger, sensation in arm and hand went. Only comes back on Shabbos, when I can't use the cream on Erev Shabbos, so proof that it works.
2. Relief of chest discomfort. Checked with doctor to make sure no problem, he said it could be dust or an allergy. Used Terracure cream and the tightness clears up overnight.
3. Aches in legs and back. Seems to magically disappear when I use the creams!

Highly recommend for all types of discomfort. Kol Hakavod to the Gottlieb's for producing these amazing creams for pain relief. am never without at least one of the creams in my 'medical' basket!


Have not received product yet😞

I am so happy to hear that the package finally arrived. Covid-19 is affecting the USPS delivery times badly. Looking forward to your review once you've used the creams for at least 3 weeks! Be well!

Great for knee pain

I recently opened my package that I received and noticed that you sent me a free blue cream
Thnks so much for it . I really appreciate it. I ordered your creams for pain that I was experiencing in my knee. Im a fitness instructor and I tend to get aches and pains from time to time. So far these creams have really been helpful. Thanks for a great product.

All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution

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Minus Plus

For herniated disc, sciatica, chronic back pain that radiates to the leg, knee trouble, shoulder issues.  

  • Soothes chronic and acute aches in your back and joints
  • Applies smoothly, no greasy residue 
  • Penetrates deep 
  • Contains powerful  essential oils
  • *******Rich in Dead Sea minerals*******
  • Pleasant scent
  • a small dab of cream is effective
  • Includes Blue Balm which stops muscle spasms immediately

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