Discounted Dead Sea Pain Relief Bundles

An Effective, Natural Alternative!

  • " I highly recommend Terracure products to anyone struggling with pain. Believe me, it works", Richard Saim, Finland
  • "Painkillers are bad for me and these creams are good! I stopped taking painkilling drugs", Dr. Bella Tokarsky
  • "To my great relief, it worked very quickly. The pain went away within hours, and I never did need to see the doctor. Thank you for an excellent product!", Norman Derovan, Israel
  •  "I tried the Red Rub together with the Orange Ointment and was able to stop taking painkillers 3 times a day and to leave my house without dragging my leg", S.S., Israel
  • "I was amazed at how quickly the pain dissipated and left me pain free for a while. I am very satisfied with this product. Anyone with pain in joints, tendons or muscles should definitely invest in this healing product", Esther Jesner
  • "Stiff muscles in my neck and back caused me a whopping headache. I used the red product on my shoulders and I felt great the next day. I woke up feeling really relaxed and the headache was gone, without medication!", M. Weinstein, New York
  • "My Mom is using it for about 2 weeks and said she definitely sleeps better and with much less pain in her shoulder. I warmly recommend it!", N. Knobel
  • "The support is personalized and helpful. The different creams are quite effective. My fave is the Blue balm.  Unlike other products, these smell great - no menthol/camphor odor", V.S., New York

TerraCure offers a set of uniquely formulated products for back, muscle, joint and tendon pain based on a powerful synergy between Dead Sea Minerals and Essential Oils. TerraCure's products significantly reduce your pain while helping your body heal itself. These creams provide a natural, non addictive alternative to invasive medications like painkillers, epidurals, injections and surgery. They will also help that have tried and failed with the above treatments. Our customers reports that the creams help them even after a failed epidural.

These packages offer a complete natural solution for pain from herniated disc, bulging disc, sciatica radiating to leg, painful joints (knees, shoulders, fingers etc.) and muscle pain. 

Which Package is for You?

Each package is comprised of a combination of the different creams. Have a look and see which package is the most appropriate for your issues. The body is complex and sometimes it's hard to know where the pain is coming from. Is it inflammation? Something pressing on a nerve? Normal "wear and tear"? We suggest choosing the package that is closest to what you *think* you need. If you are not sure, please contact us here and tell us what is bothering you. We can make suggestions. 

A rule of thumb here is: The more of the different creams you have, the better chance you have of having your problem "covered". We generally recommend taking at least a package of all three colors. One is sure to help with *your* issue. If you want to try fewer creams you can choose a smaller package but you may be leaving out just the cream that will help your pain.

If you are suffering from a chronic back problem like a herniated or bulging disc which causes severe pain an/or radiates pain to the leg, we recommend ordering one of the the first two packages - either All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - Jumbo Pack or All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - which contain all three types of cream. This would include people who have tried epidurals, surgery, acupuncture, chiropractic etc. and are still suffering. The Jumbo Pack works out to be the most inexpensive package when you calculate the price per cream and we highly recommend that for our customers with a few different issues or one BIG one. 

The Special Knee Pain Package is for knee problems that aren't about inflammation - normal wear and tear/miniscus problems and anyone who is a candidate for knee replacement. Before going under the knife try this package!

The Extra Strength Anti Inflammatory Combo is good for people suffering from a herniated disc or knee problems with inflammation. It doesn't include the Blue Balm, which addresses muscles and is a good first aid cream.  We always recommend taking the Blue Balm as well, but this could be a good beginning package for someone who wants to "test the waters".



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All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - Jumbo Pack
All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - Jumbo Pack
Regular price $100.00 $85.99 Sale
TerraCure's products significantly reduce your pain while helping your body heal itself. This is your natural alternative to invasive medications and prcedures such as painkillers, epidural, injections and surgery. The Jumbo Pack offers a complete solution for herniated disc, sciatic, painful joints and muscle pain.
Complete Set of Natural Creams for Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Joint Pain
All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution
Regular price $84.98 $69.99 Sale
Complete set of natural, Dead Sea based creams with essential oils for relief of chronic pain in back, joints and muscles, herniated disc and arthritis. This full set includes the Red Rub for inflammation, Blue Balm for knees and muscles and Orange Ointment for muscle/nerve relaxation, calming and blood circulation.
Set of natural pain relief creams for knees
Special Knee Pain Package
Regular price $69.98 $49.99 Sale
If you suffer from knee pain caused by normal "wear and tear", miniscus issues and/or are considering surgery, this Special Knee Pain Package with natural Dead Sea creams can help. If you also have long term inflammation we recommend the Jumbo Pack of 4 creams.
Extra strength anti inflammatory combo for herniated disc and joint pain
Extra-Strength Anti-Inflammatory Combo
Regular price $69.98 $51.99 Sale
If you suffer from back pain, herniated disc that radiates to the leg, sciatica, knee pain resulting from inflammation or shoulder pain caused by inflammation or osteoarthritis - these anti-inflammatory, natural creams for pain relief are your answer.