Natural, Dead Sea Creams for Muscle, Joint and Back Pain

Natural Dead Sea creams for pain relief in back, muscles and joints.

All the creams contain powerful essential oils that work in synergy with the Dead Sea healing properties to help heal joints, tendon, backs and muscles.
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Natural Sports Pain Relief Cream for aching muscles and spasms
Blue Balm - Natural Cream for Athletes and Aching Muscles
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Blue Balm sports balm contains a unique blend of 26 minerals from the Dead Sea with essential oils to cool, calm and energize. Soothes muscle, joint and tendon discomfort and reduces swelling naturally. Contains Lavender and Menthe essential oils. Increases muscle endurance. For athletes and sports people.
Extra strength anti inflammatory combo for knees and joint pain - 2 creams - Orange Ointment and Red Rub
Extra-Strength Anti-Inflammatory Combo
Regular price $54.90
If you suffer from back pain, herniated disc that radiates to the leg, sciatica, knee pain resulting from inflammation or shoulder pain caused by inflammation or osteoarthritis - these anti-inflammatory, natural creams for pain relief are your answer. No menthol. Rich in Dead Sea minerals and essential oils.
Set of natural pain relief creams for knees
Special Knee Pain Package
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If you suffer from knee pain caused by normal "wear and tear", torn miniscus issues, worn cartilage and/or are considering surgery, this Special Knee Pain Package with anti -inflammatory, natural Dead Sea creams can help. Helps Osteoarthritis pain, worn cartilage and muscle spasms.
Complete Set of Natural Creams for Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Joint Pain
All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution
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Natural, Dead Sea based, anti-inflammatory creams with essential oils for relief of pain in back, knees, muscles, herniated disc and arthritis. This set includes the Red Rub for inflammation, Blue Balm for muscles and instant pain relief and Orange Ointment for muscle/nerve relaxation, calming and blood circulation.
All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - Jumbo Pack
All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - Jumbo Pack
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TerraCure's products significantly reduce your pain while helping your body heal itself. This is your natural alternative to invasive medications and prcedures such as painkillers, epidural, injections and surgery. The Jumbo Pack offers a complete solution for herniated disc, sciatic, painful joints and muscle pain.