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Q: I see Dead Sea products in malls and tourist shops. Isn’t it just a cute, overpriced novelty item?

A: First, please see our Why it Works page for information. While there are certainly products that try to capitalize on the Dead Sea’s reputation with low-quality products (or products with only minimal Dead Sea ingredients), there is little question that since ancient times, exposure to the minerals in the Dead Sea has helped thousands of people in the relief of muscular pain and symptoms associated with rheumatological conditions such as arthritis thanks to its medicinal properties. Whether through the application of mud, salt rubs, or other modes, it is certainly an accepted reality: The International Journal of Dermatology concluded that the “high concentration of Magnesium in Dead Sea salt was instrumental in improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation”.

Q: So is this product simply a concentration of Dead Sea minerals?

A: No, this is simply the starting point and a core element in our compounds. TerraCure is at the forefront of pioneering cosmetic technology, bringing the Dead Sea experience to people worldwide, carefully extracting and combining:

  • Nano-sized electrolytes of minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Bromides;
  • Trace elements including Zinc, Vanadium, Strontium and Boron;

Together with…

  • Pure and organic extracts of vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants, Dunaliella, Spirulina and Rhodella algae;
  • Enzymes and essential oils, containing valuable sources of vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants.

The meticulous production process is driven by our desire to ensure that the human body can incorporate and assimilate the products in the most effective way possible —we refuse to cut corners on any part of production that might limit this result.

Q: I’ve used creams that create “deep heat”. Is this similar?

A: Heat is just one effect in our healing compounds; indeed, our cream with the highest mineral content - Red Rub - produces the most heat, but heat is actually not necessarily the ideal solution for all maladies; there are many cases in which moderate heat will help, but other oils and extracts we include will solve the problem more effectively. See our product page for a list of which types of pain will respond to our three creams, as a start.

Q: Do you have precise dosages listed on the package, like traditional medications?

A: We provide general guidelines to get you started, but each person and type of pain is different, so we recommend you begin with enough to rub lightly into the skin, and increase gradually if needed. In some cases, beginning with one product in the series and shifting to another can optimize results. You can experiment on your own or contact us with a specific problem and we’ll offer a recommended course of application.

Q: What’s wrong with taking something in pill form?

A: A pill or liquid medication taken orally requires your body to process everything in the medication, whether it is needed or not. Take a look at the disclaimers on the packaging of most medications: patients may experience side-effects that they simply accept as part of the treatment. Rubbing a cream into the skin allows the body to use its natural filtering system to accept — in the amounts and combinations it needs — the right balance of healing compounds of various types. In addition, a pill’s chemistry must circulate through the entire body, where only some of the total dosage reaches the single pain point. And as for the parts that don’t reach the pain point? Often, the body must break down and deal with these synthetic ingredients. Our creams begin working immediately, on location, without delay or side-effects felt in other part of the body.

Especially with pain medications and narcotics (even over the counter), patients often become dependent on these addictive medications. Even a simple, short-term prescription for back pain can change one’s life for the worse… and plenty of documented cases demonstrate the risks.

Q: Why do I need three products? Can’t I buy the one that was designed for my specific pain?

A: We do sell individual creams, but generally recommend this only after you have identified which one is the perfect match to your specific type of pain. Because each of us responds slightly differently to natural (and artificial) medicinal aids, and because it is not always clear to the layman what is causing the pain, we recommend you begin with the cream that is listed on our Product Page as a “best match” to your problem. However, often the balance of minerals, oils and plant extracts your body requires may be the next product in the line. And, sometimes it's good to use two creams at once! This approach allows you both to have on hand the cream you need for any future pains, as well as the option to optimize your treatment as you observe how your body responds.

Having a complete solution on hand, ready to target various levels and types of pain, makes the TerraCure solution truly unique.

Q: I need something for long-term pain, not just a quick-hit treatment.

A: Our products are designed with both in mind. There are ingredients that begin to work immediately to reduce your suffering, while over time, other components work at the source of the problem, restoring balance, reducing swelling, and returning you to your normal routines.

People whose physical work wears down their back function wind up, naturally, with less mobility. These people usually find themselves in a catch-22 situation where the less they move, the worse their back pain gets. We believe that activity and exercise are critical to the healing process; the quick-relief process enables you to get back on your feet and use the muscles and joints that are bothering you, in order to speed up your body’s own natural healing processes.

In particular, carpenters and machine operators who use their backs and shoulders intensely find that their bodies can't supply the necessary "grease" necessary for the joints to move smoothly and the body can't bear the burden. The natural minerals that come from the Dead Sea help the body provide the easy movement it needs.

Q: Are there specific types of pain in which TerraCure works best?

A: While TerraCure — through its product line including different balances of minerals, oil and plant extracts — is indeed a broadly applicable product, we find that many of the people we talk with track their pain back to one core source: modern lifestyles and technologies.

Aside from sitting at desks for long days — an activity and posture our bodies were not designed for — we use computers, TV, and cell phones to work, be entertained, and interact in ways that just one generation ago, would have required active movement, every hour of the day. Many of us no longer use our bodies actively enough, keeping our muscles, tendons and tissues fluidly regenerating and healthy. Ironically, the technology we work so hard to develop and attain to make life easier, actually makes it much, much tougher on our bodies.

While TerraCure soothing creams help recover from these pains when they flare up, ongoing should also add to your body’s natural state, in the hope they will not occur in the first place.