About Us

Natural Back Pain Relief From The Holy Land

TerraCure provides a natural approach to healing a wide variety of modern-day pains, without side effects and without the use of pills or broad-application medications. Our ingredients will always be natural, and found in land and sea from across the geography of Israel.

TerraCure was created by the husband and wife team of Dena and Elazar Gottlieb. Elazar has worked in business management and logistics administration (managing a huge project for the Israel Defense Forces during the first Gulf War), as well as education. Dena, who has a BA in Computer Science, has worked in various sales and marketing positions in the hi-tech sector for 25 years. Together, the two have spent the past few years working in sales for various health products. Development of these products began decades ago; Elazar owned a furniture chain and long days of physical labor left him with painful back, muscles and joints…and eventually a slipped disc. There was no real solution – only pills that didn't deal with the underlying issues, providing modest relief (plus side effects), as the problem got worse every year. Elazar began experimenting with many natural creams. Eventually, he discovered that a particular blend of Dead Sea minerals with other natural elements solved his problems. His success in then creating a variety of solutions for his own pain over the years led him and Dena to gather a team of professional formulators, scientists and manufacturers to allow them to share these solutions with the world.