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About Us

Natural Back Pain Relief From The Holy Land

The idea for TerraCure came about in 2016 when founder, Elazar Gottlieb (my husband) was in horrific pain from his herniated disc!  There were no real solutions for him. He tried injections, pills, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture and more creams than we could count. Nothing helped for more than a couple of days. He had been in the furniture business for many years and apparently, had dragged one too many closets.

When having "back attacks" his pain was just indescribable to the point of near paralysis. He was afraid to drive the car for fear of being seized by some crazy, sudden pain in his back. 

One day, while visiting the Dead Sea, we encountered a natural cream that actually helped. Eureka! We took that cream and with the help of professionals, developed it further, into a set of winning, effective creams that help every form of backache, joint aches and muscle pains.

Ever since then, we have been helping people from far and wide to deal with their aches and pains, with an emphasis on  herniated disc pain. People with this issue spend so much money on different solutions that more often than not – fail to help them. We are often a last attempt at finding something – anything- that will help. Bingo. Many people have reported to us that  only TerraCure creams give them any degree of relief from pain.

Try us and let us know how our creams help YOU. We promise to listen to you and give you the best possible internet experience available. Our customer service is second to none.

Go HERE to see our discounted bundles and to find out which one is best suited to your issues.

TerraCure provides a natural approach to healing a wide variety of modern-day pains, without side effects and without the use of pills or broad-application medications. Our ingredients will always be natural, and found in land and sea from across the geography of Israel.