COVID-19 Announcement: Orange Ointment and Blue Balm are great for respiratory issues when applied to chest!


TerraCure offers discounted  ($9.90) shipping within the U.S.A., Canada,  Australia, Brazil, Japan Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea. We charge a $35 shipping fee to all other countries. 

 Shipping of our products to the U.S. will be performed  in partnership with United States Postal Service, to your door.  Shipments should arrive within 7-9 business days from the date of shipping, excluding Israeli and local holidays. Shipping to Canada is performed in partnership with the Canadian Post and to the other countries covered by the flat shipping  rate - shipping is performed in conjunction with the local postal authorities. Naturally, prompt delivery is dependent upon your local postal authority. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than stated above, but we promise that even when that happens, it turns out to be worth the wait. You are going to love our products.

Please specify the zip code to prevent delivery delays.

Residents of the United Kingdom may no longer have products shipped to them in the UK because of the Brexit laws which require vendors to forward VAT to the British government. This draconian law makes it impossible for small businesses to deal with the UK. We are so sorry. 

We can no longer sell to Europe either because of new laws regarding VAT. We apologize.