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Great for my arthritis

I'm 69. I've been using the creams for a few months. I prefer them over other creams, and I've used alot of other creams! I have arthritis and alot of pain in my knees. Here are my reasons for loving these creams:
1. They smell nice! I can use them before teaching (I am a private tutor).
2. I can use the creams as often as I feel I need to.
3. Painkillers are bad for me and these creams are good! I stopped taking painkilling drugs.
4. Each one of the creams is good for the skin and makes my skin look and feel better.
Thank you, TerraCure!


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Special Knee Pain Package

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Knee Pain Relief

Find relief from knee pain with this unique combination of creams. 

Do you feel those knees when you walk? When you go down stairs? Are you suffering from "wear and  tear" that comes with age or osteoarthritis?

These natural creams, which are comprised of a rich concentration of Dead Sea minerals and powerful essential oils penetrate deep and bring lubrication to this overloaded joint - the knee. They also fight inflammation, which means less nerve pain AND they help increase blood flow to the knee. 

Massage your knees with the Blue Balm for at least a minute. Wait 20 minutes and massage in the Orange Ointment.  Do this a few times a day. You should see results within hours to days. 

If you think you may have a real inflammation problem in the knees (and not just wear and tear) you should probably consider buying the complete set of three creams here. This way you will have complete coverage for your knees because the Red Rub contains essential oils that provide powerful anti inflammatory properties. 

Additional details about the ingredients:

The Lavender and Mint essential oils in the Blue Balm make it a great first aid cream which often relieves pain on the spot, while stopping muscle spasms.    The citrus oils in the Orange Ointment promote relaxation of nerves and muscles while increasing blood flow to the knee.  The Pine, Thyme and Rosemary essential oils in both creams have powerful anti inflammatory and rheumatic properties as well as anti spasmodic ones. 

Blue Balm and Orange Ointment are a winning combination for soothing knee pain.

ImportantTerraCure creams are not pharmaceuticals and they do not contain painkillers. Do not expect to apply them once and find total relief. It is necessary to use them daily, consistently. They must be massaged in well to be effective. If you are consistent AND persistent, you will not regret it.