COVID-19 Announcement: Orange Ointment and Blue Balm are great for respiratory issues when applied to chest!

Directions for Use

For optimal results follow these directions when using any of the TerraCure natural creams for back and joint pain:

To minimize pain: Apply the cream to your skin, allowing deep penetration of the minerals and essential oils. Sometimes pain occurs as a result of a lack of certain minerals in the body (it is well known that a lack of magnesium can cause muscle spasms) and the faster we can help the minerals enter the blood stream, the sooner relief can come.

The optimal time to apply the creams is at night, after a shower and before sleep. The creams are absorbed best on moist skin.

For those suffering from light pain – it is enough to apply the cream once a day. As the situation improves you can go down to every other day or twice a week.

For those suffering "medium" pain -  apply the cream twice a day until the pain subsides. It may take a few days or a few weeks (depending on how many minerals are missing in your body).

For those suffering severe pain – Use the cream as needed – even every hour on the hour.

For people who suffer from chronic pain – We recommend using all three creams alternately. For example, someone suffering from a herniated disc would preferably use the Orange Ointment and the Red Rub. But sometimes chronic back pain sufferers have a moment when their back "seizes up" and can cause an attack. The Blue Balm is especially beneficial for relaxing muscles. Each one of the creams has different essential oils that are good for different ailments.

All three creams are based on a very high percentage of Dead Sea minerals (30%). What differentiates them from each other are the essential oils present in each cream. The Blue Balm is best for relaxing muscles which are taut or in spasm. The Red Rub is for inflammation. The Orange Ointment is a general cream that addresses inflammation, muscles and nerves and increases circulation.

 Warning: Due to the high salt content it is not a good idea to use the creams on the face (it could burn). Don’t store the creams in a hot place (such as your car, in the summer) and don’t mix them together before applying to the skin as this can ruin them. However you can apply one cream on top of another to enjoy the effects of the various essential oils. Do NOT apply to open wounds as it could really burn (think lots of salt).

ImportantTerraCure creams are not pharmaceuticals and they do not contain painkillers. Do not expect to apply them once and find total relief. It is necessary to use them daily, consistently. They must be massaged in well to be effective. If you are consistent AND persistent, you will see good results.

We at TerraCure would like to  encourage you to contact our Customer Support with any questions or comments you may have. You can reach us at, Tel: +1 (516)259-3169 (Don't forget we are in Israel – GMT +2). Our mailing address is 10/5 Sde Hemed, Modiin Ilit, Israel.