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[Natural, Dead Sea Creams for Muscle, Joint and Back Pain]-TerraCure

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Good Stuff

I use these daily on my knees & back - very good product


All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - Jumbo Pack


Very soothing and helping for joints!

<p>Hi Peggy.
<br>Sorry it took us so long to reply. So happy the creams are helping you find relief. Wishing you the best of health and a long life! Thanks so much for the review.</p>


The products are so nurturing. I use it on my lower back and chest.


Wonderful product!
My husband had sciatica and was back on his feet in two days and the pain disappeared.
It got total relief from shoulder pain
I’ll be recommending this product to family and freinds.


All Natural Chronic Herniated Disc and Joint Pain Solution - Jumbo Pack

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TerraCure offers a set of uniquely formulated products for back, muscle, joint and tendon pain based on a powerful synergy between Dead Sea Minerals and Essential Oils. TerraCure's products significantly reduce your pain while helping your body heal itself. This is your healthy alternative to invasive medications and treatments such as epidurals, injections and surgery.

This package is comprised of altogether 4 creams, of 3 different types  which together offer a complete solution for pain from herniated disc, sciatic, painful joints and muscle pain:

1) The Red Rub is an excellent natural anti inflammatory cream

2) The Blue Balm alone is good for muscle spasms, taut muscles and first aid. It's fantastic for runners and athletes but also for the muscle spasms that happen when your back "seizes up".

3) The Orange Ointment  addresses blood circulation and stress. It goes well together with the Red Rub and with the Blue Balm. This is the reason that we offer a package with two Orange Ointments - to provide people with long term pain with a more complete and robust package. The added Orange Ointment will give you more to work with and is very versatile - helps everything. 

4) For herniated disc, sciatica, knee trouble, chronic back pain that radiates to the leg, shoulder issues - it is recommended to use all three types of cream, as needed. The results from using these creams as instructed will be that you will be able to slowly reduce the painkillers you take, you will have less pain and that you will be able to use your back more freely.