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[Natural, Dead Sea Creams for Muscle, Joint and Back Pain]-TerraCure

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Nomi Knobel
Warm and Grateful Recomendation!!

Hi Dena! I wanted to thank you so much for your Terr Cure that you told me about. My Mom is using it for about 2 weeks and said she definitely sleeps better and with much less pain in her shoulder. She isn't taking another medication other that what she has been for a few months after she bruised her shoulder, so it must be this!!
THanks so much - I definitely recommend it!!!

דינה גוטליב
Success with TerraCure

Success with TerraCure
I've been using TerraCure for over 20 days and there have been definite improvements in aches and pains. Nothing is gone completely but they have definitely improved. Knees (3 knee total replacements) and lower back issues have shown great improvement. One unexpected success was my trigger finger THUMBS (both.....if that's the name for thumbs), I rubbed the BLUE in and around the base of thumbs and forgot about it. Several hours later I realized the ache and sharp pains if I held something were MUCH less than earlier. Trust me, this is now part of my morning and night routines!

Joint Therapy Cream

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Relief for your Joints

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Joint Therapy cream works in three stages:
  1. The creams penetrate to the cartilage and lubricate the area, enabling the knee or shoulder joint to move without clicks and "creaks", thereby preventing wearing out of the cartilage or tendon.
  2. The powerful essential oils and Dead Sea minerals treat the inflammation that is caused by the wear and tear of the cartilage or tendon.
  3. The high level of magnesium in the creams together with Thyme oil and the Mandarin oil promote blood circulation to the area.
As a result of the three above stages, the knee or shoulder becomes able to function with a lot less discomfort. The creams, in essence, neutralize the problems caused by the worn out cartilage/tendon.


If you have pain in only one knee or shoulder, one pair  of creams is sufficient. If you have pain in both knees or shoulders you need two sets of this product. 


Gengly massage your knees with the Blue Balm for at least a minute. Wait 20 minutes and gently massage in the Orange Ointment.  Do this a few times a day. You should see results within hours to days.  Make sure you apply the creams on the top of the knee and all the way around to the back of the knee. Not just on the knee caps.

Same instructions apply to the shoulder. Massage the entire shoulder all the way around to the armpit area.

Additional details about the ingredients:

The Lavender and Mint essential oils in the Blue Balm make it a great first aid cream which often relieves pain on the spot, while stopping muscle spasms.    The citrus oils in the Orange Ointment promote relaxation of nerves and muscles while increasing blood flow to the knee or shoulder.  The Pine, Thyme and Rosemary essential oils in both creams have powerful anti inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties as well as anti spasmodic ones. 

Blue Balm and Orange Ointment which make up our Joint Therapy package are a winning combination for  treating and soothing knee, shoulder and any joint pain.

ImportantTerraCure creams are not pharmaceuticals and they do not contain painkillers. Do not expect to apply them once and find total relief. It is necessary to use them daily, consistently. They must be massaged in completely  in order to help the cream penetrate to be effective. If you are consistent AND persistent, you will surely see excellent results.