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Relax and let Bromine do the work to set your nervous system at ease. It's your turn to take care of yourself while this mineral works its miracles on many medical conditions individuals everywhere are faced with.

Penetrating to the depths of the human nervous system with its healing effects to alleviate the body and skin's natural response to daily stress and activity, Bromine offers a natural relaxant to take of the body's neural disruptions. Soothing the depths of your skin via its innate connection to the nervous system as it is absorbed into your body, bromine offers benefits to the skin, body and soul, as your body's daily wear and tear are reduced and relieved with this mineral's powerful effects.

Frequently found in kelp and seaweeds and extracted, the potency of Bromine can go as far as help with epileptic seizures and severe neural disorders. In some researched cases, Bromine has successfully attended to the needs of individuals struggling with hyperthyroidism. With the correct dosage and application, Bromine can effectively address the medical needs of hyperthyroidism, with little to no side effects if applied with care and correctly. T4 thyroxine and T3 triiodothyronine have frequently been leveled out with proper intake of Bromine and even over a short period of time of internal usage, the results can be significant – so much so that thyroid functions are returned to normal; hyperthyroid can be treated effectively with this miracle mineral.

Our Dead Sea creams are rich with the finest source of Bromine that can truly level out some of the most common and yet treatable conditions. Gain the benefits of the one the best natural resources the Mediterranean has to offer: the Dead Sea and TerraCure's finest products, your healing solution to alleviate the body's stress and neural conditions. Treat yourself to TerraCure.

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