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Chloride as a Disinfectant  and PH Balancer

Chloride as a Disinfectant and PH Balancer

Despite all the hype surrounding chlorine in pool water and its effects on skin, hair and our eyes after a refreshing dip, natural chlorine found in Dead Sea water and other natural resources can surprisingly offer a spectrum of benefits that most of us are unaware of. To start, it makes absolute perfect sense that chlorine's common daily use has been for disinfection and balance of water PH levels, as it has a similar effect on human beings.

Frequently found in natural resources in the form of chloride, chlorine is vital for our bodies, as it ultimately enables the system and our bodily fluids to maintain a healthy level and balance of PH, (the levels of acid and alkaline in our bodies). Cell metabolism is dependent on the correct measure of chlorine in our systems, and the natural form of this trace mineral has remarkable healing effects on skin. Chloride also helps regulate blood pressure, and with the correct oral intake, generally through salt in its material form, it plays a crucial function in the upkeep of your body's blood volume. Maintaining a healthy level of chloride in the body can also prevent hair or tooth loss, and it optimizes the body's metabolic functions, such as digestion. There are a variety of foods that are rich with chloride and can help us acquire it naturally: melons, barley and other grains, leafy greens and even pineapple.

If you think about chlorine's purpose for being in our drinking water, it's a practical microbe eliminator and disinfectant; similarly, your skin's self healing ability is maximized with Dead Sea products containing chlorine. How many times have you heard that gargling with salt water is a good idea for any mouth sores or throat infections you may be suffering from? There's a reason for it, and it's no myth. Salt, natural salt from the Dead Sea, really does disinfect and heal the skin, and chlorine's ratio in salt plays a significant role in this process.

While taking a dip in the Dead Sea may mean a little stinging if you have any open wounds, cuts or sores, the long term benefits are remarkable. Chlorine in the right amount can also balance the PH of your skin, preventing any excess dryness or oil, and it also calms the skin of various irritations when used and applied correctly. If you have concerns about a persistent skin irritation or condition, you may want to consult with a healthcare practitioner.  With the application of TerraCure's Episilk, for example, a Dead Sea skin product formulated to regulate skin moisture, chlorine certainly plays its role as it's blended with a range of natural extracts and ingredients that only enhance chlorine's soothing effects.

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