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Dead Sea Minerals and Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Dead Sea Minerals and Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Dead Sea Minerals And Essential Oils For Pain Relief

Minerals and salts present at the Dead sea have come to gain a lot of importance and popularity over the last few years. The mineral content of the salts has a therapeutic and healing effect.  This is the reason why they are mixed with essential oils to make salt rubs and bath scrubs to be used in spa treatments and therapy. But this is not the end of it. If used regularly, the Dead Sea minerals and essential oils together can bring many other health benefits too.


Together the goodness of the minerals and the magic contained in the essential oils can bring you a lot of benefits some of which have been discussed below.

Relief from pain

Pain can be a result of a lot of health issues e.g. a migraine, joint pain, arthritis and even muscular pain. With the therapeutic properties of some of the essential oils and the mineral salts found in the Dead sea, you can find relief from all such physical pains in your life.

Improves nerves’ health

The health of our nerves is very important. Age can be a huge factor in the deterioration of the nervous health. The health of the nerves can be restored in an effective manner by the regular usage of the essential oils and the Dead sea minerals. 

Aids in muscular health

Be it chronic muscular pain or the one you get after a workout, the oils and the mineral salts can help bring comfort and relief to the sore muscles and the aching joints any time of the day.

How do we help?

We bring to you 100% natural creams made from the highly effective and authentic essential oils combined with the mineral salts from the Dead sea. We use many essential oils such as thyme, olive, almond, avocado, rosemary and many other oils in the perfectly measured proportion to provide you relief from all sorts of nervous, muscular and joint pains. We have a

  • Cooling Soothing butter with thyme and menthe oil
  • Warming Soothing butter with ginger and tea tree oil
  • Soothing butter with lemon and mandarin oil

Each one has its own unique composition and is soothing in its own particular way. To know more about the products we have, and how they can improve the quality of your life read the Dead Sea and Essential Oils pages on the site. Order these products right away and provide relief from all sorts of physical pains  with our products that are 99.6% natural and made up of 30% Dead Sea minerals.





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