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Most Effective Remedies Against Chronic Pain Caused by Herniated Disc

Most Effective Remedies Against Chronic Pain Caused by Herniated Disc

Most Effective Remedies Against Chronic Pain Caused by Herniated Disc

Herniated disc is the most common cause of chronic pain in the back, neck, arms, and even legs. This condition typically affects adults in the age bracket of 30 to 50 years, as they are the most susceptible to sustained damage on spine after years of exertion. The spine degeneration, which results in herniated disc, not only severely constrains the person’s ability to stand, lift weights, and perform laborious tasks, but also causes severe pain to them. In most cases, the pain arising from herniated disc is neuropathic, which means that the pain does not originate from an injury, but from the very nerves that were supposed to act only as pain receptors. Thus, the pain continues to exist even when the herniated disc has been treated.

Just because the pain is not coming from a real injury, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to bear or ignore. In fact, patients with herniated disc experience nerve-wracking pain in various parts of their body. They often find themselves helpless in the face of this pain. As it does not originate from any injury, the traditional methods of alleviating it do not work. Even the doctors usually end up prescribing pain relievers to cope up with the pain. That’s hardly a long term solution.

In the recent years, some remedies have been suggested to treat the chronic pain. These treatments include epidural steroid injections, physical manipulation by chiropractors, specific exercising approach to shift the pain from one body part to another, meditation, correcting posture, and many more. To their credit, some of these treatments do offer momentary relief from the pain. But, the same can be achieved through pain relievers as well.

In addition to them, there are a few promising candidates that have the potential of proving themselves to be long term remedies, such as yoga, massage with essential oils, acupressure, acupuncture, a balanced diet, omega-3 fatty acids, white willow bark, and a few others. More research on them is required to ascertain their remedial effect on pain caused by herniated disc.

The only remedy with proven track record against such chronic pain comes from Mother Nature – the Dead Sea!

The Dead Sea, despite its name, is giving a new lease of life to people suffering from the deathlike agony of chronic pain induced by the herniated disc.

The Dead Sea has been collecting mineral deposits from the rivers that flow into it for thousands of years. As a result, it is the most concentrated source of all kinds of natural minerals, totaling 26 in number. These are minerals that our bodies require to perform optimally. It also has an abundance of rare minerals that have therapeutic effects. Regular application of ointments and oils made from these minerals can remedy joint stiffness, muscle pain, bone & joint problems, and even relieve tied up nerves, which are usually the cause of chronic pain in people with herniated discs.

The Dead Sea minerals provide lasting relief from the chronic pain. But most importantly, they address the source of the pain – the very nerves that are causing the sensation of pain. In other words, they are the most potent and effective remedy against chronic pain caused by a herniated disc.




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