Healing Pain Naturally

TerraCure for a Better Cure

Healing Pain Naturally 

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, and other bodily pains are lingering and demand instant relief and soothing. Many use painkillers to help cure those ills instantly; others avoid them and use lotions that go into the skin and to the site. Companies look to get their special ingredients from the most natural of places and not artificial ones that mask any problems. Following on the promise of “Delivering what the Earth provides,” TerraCure has those special soothing creams made from the most natural of ingredients to help with those muscles, tendons, and joints that are in chronic pain.

 TerraCure uses a unique blend of 26 minerals from the Dead Sea with essential oils. Located  between Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is a notable salt lake with a high-density rate that people can float in instantly. It has been known as a place for health research for medical treatment because of the climate, the water, and the mineral deposits found around the land. TerraCure recognizes the Dead Sea minerals as very beneficial to pain relief, mixing it in with their special creams instead of using pills for treatment. Topical creams avoid the addiction risk and blend in with the skin instead of the bloodstream where pills do affect and can cause serious side effects.

 Three various creams are created for soothing pain: Blue Balm, Orange Ointment, and Red Rub. All are made the same, but created to give a different feel depending on what you personally can tolerate: cooling for Blue, regular for Orange, and warm for Red. They have no parabens, no artificial additives, and no chemicals; they were never tested on animals, are 99.6 percent natural and licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The ingredients include Dead Sea Water,  algae extract, vegetable and green tea extracts, Dead Sea Mud, Shea and Cocoa butter, and the oils of thyme, almonds, olives, avocado, rosemary, and several others essential elements. They are made in Israel in bottles of 50ml – 1.69 fl.oz.

 Blue Balm: A cooling butter made with menthe and thyme extracts.

Orange Ointment: A soothing butter made with lemon and mandarin extracts.

Red Rub: A warming butter made with ginger and tea tree extracts.

 All three are custom made for your preference if you want a normal feel to soothe or prefer a cool or warm feel to soothe. They are made to improve the discomfort in your joints, muscles, and back. If you suffer from chronic pain and you do not want to resort to regular creams or pills, try our products. TerraCure  products are 99.6% natural and they soothe many types of muscle and joint discomfort. 


TerraCure: “Delivering What the Earth Provides.”

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