Natural, Dead Sea Creams for Muscles, Joints and Skin Care

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Extra strength anti inflammatory combo for knees and joint pain - 2 creams - Orange Ointment and Red Rub
Extra-Strength Anti-Inflammatory Combo
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If you suffer from back pain, herniated disc that radiates to the leg, sciatica, knee pain resulting from inflammation or shoulder pain caused by inflammation or osteoarthritis - these anti-inflammatory, natural creams for pain relief are your answer.
Natural Sport Combo -Two Creams:  Blue Balm and Orange Ointment
Natural Sport Combo
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Special set of natural creams for all sports and athletic aches, pains and injuries. natural, powerful creams that relieve muscle and tendon pain immediately without using menthol or anesthetics. This set has two powerful creams: Blue Balm and Orange Ointment.