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Herbal Essential Oils for Lower Back Pain that Won't Go

Back aches do not spare anyone, whether you are old, young, man or woman. They are debilitating and irritating, but people learn to live with them. Back pains can arise from a multitude of factors that can range from a strained muscle to prolonged stress on a herniated disc. The probability of suffering from a bulging disc may increase with age, but age is not a necessary condition. Discs are soft intermittent spinal structures that keep the vertebrae together. This means that degenerative disc conditions can affect any part of the spine, but lower back is the most commonly affected area. Such degenerative discs can lead to a bulging disc or a herniated disc.

Are Essential Oils for Lower Back Pain an Attractive Alternative to Surgery?

People from all walks of life are fighting a losing battle against lower back pain with their prescription pain relievers. Lower back pain is interfering with their work, their family time, and their very ability to live a full and fulfilling life. They helplessly pop a pill to make the pain go away for the moment. What else can they do? They do not have much of an option other than surgery.

Or, do they!?

Essential Oils to the Rescue - For Your Herniated or Bulging Disc

They do and it is hidden in the relaxing aroma of essential oils. Herbal oils are a non-invasive and natural remedy for herniated disc. Most essential oils should not be used directly on the skin. They should be used in a "carrier" oil like Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil or in a cream, as found in TerraCure's Orange Ointment. In particular, thyme oil, pine oil and rosemary oil can help with the chronic pain resulting from herniated discs, bulging disc or degenerative disc. But, how do they do that?

Which Essential Oils are Absorbed Quickly into the Skin and Reduce Inflammation in Herniated Disc?

Thyme Essential Oil

Let’s start with Thyme oil, which has many anti-inflammatory properties. The oil gets absorbed into the skin quickly and helps provide a lasting relief from the pain. According to research posted in the Journal of Lipid Research, carvacrol present in Thyme oil can inhibit COX-2. COX-2 plays a key role in inflammation. No COX-2 means reduced inflammation. Reduced inflammation results in less pain. 

Pine Essential Oil

Pine oil, on the other hand, comes loaded with healing properties. Research has shown that pine oil can counteract soft tissue damage which can help alleviate the pain in patients with a herniated disc.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is another big winner when it comes to offering relief from a bulging disc. Caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid, two important components of the Rosemary oil have anti-oxidant properties. They help in reducing inflammation. Moreover, Rosmarinic acid is known to be easily absorbed by the skin, making it potent even in small amounts.

TerraCure has taken a leaf from the age-old, time-tested therapies and created products like Red Rub, Blue Balm and Orange Ointment. All three of them that are rich in magical essential oils that help relieve lower back pain. Apart from these oils, they also contain Dead Sea minerals and other exotic, natural ingredients. All of this has been condensed into an easy-to-apply cream form.

There are many more ingredients in these formulations that help you overcome the paralyzing pain resulting from a herniated or bulging disc. You do not have to sit around dreading an operation or the next walk. You can live as you want.

Powerful Essential Oils for Treating Lower Back Pain

Here is a vert partial list of essential oils that can be found in TerraCure's natural creams for lower back pain: Grapefruit essential oil - has a very high content of d-Limonene is quite anti-inflammatory and works via inhibition of 5-LOX (Baylac and Racine 2003).  Ginger - which is used in traditional medicine for the relief of pain and inflammation (Carrasco et al. 2009). It is even thought to have potential in the treatment of osteoarthritis (Rahmani, Al Shabrmi and Aly 2014). Ginger is also stimulating when applied to the skin and can result in an increase in local blood flow. It acts as a counterirritant to reduce pain and swelling. By increasing blood flow to the area inflammation and pain are reduced. All these benefits are very beneficial in the fight against lower back pain.  Lavender, the most popular essential oil in the world is also present in our creams. Lavender is well regarded as an analgesic oil, and its main chemical constituent linalool has been well researched in this capacity. Lavender and linalool also both have anti-inflammatory properties and Lavender has anti spasmodic action which can help loosen up  muscle spasms which are often happen as a result of a herniated disc and which are a common cause of lower back pain. 

Enough with the technical information on essential oils! Check out the ingredients in TerraCure products. With the basic understand of the power of essential oils it will be more clear why TerraCure creams are so helpful for lower back pain of all kinds. 

Give TerraCure products a try. Reclaim your life today!



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