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Herniated Disc in the Neck? Listen up!

Herniated Disc in the Neck? You Need to Hear This.

As the pandemic plunged the world into lockdown, its impact on physical health has been enormous. Unable to go out, take a stroll, spend time with friends, and indulge in outdoor activities, most people have been forced to keep themselves busy the only way they know – with computers, tablets, smartphones, and televisions, aka screens.

How do you think this impacts our neck as we hunch over our favorite screens?

Sitting for long hours on poorly built seating and in bad postures only makes the problem worse. And the toll it is taking on our bodies is slowly becoming evident in our deteriorating health. The root of the problem can lie anywhere in a mildly stiff muscle to a herniated disc.

Essential Oils as an Alternative to OTC Pain Medications for Herniated Disc

Herniated discs in the neck are more common than you might think. Traditionally, its treatment options include OTC pain medications, oral steroids, nerve root injections, spinal surgeries, and more. However, in recent times, a more holistic approach is emerging.

The use of essential oils for a herniated disk in the neck  has picked up over the last few decades. The efficacy of products like the Orange Ointment and  Red Rub  have earned them a loyal fan base. And naturally so. They are effective and come with zero side effects.

Here is why you should use essential oils for disc degeneration and a quick overview of their benefits:

 Pain Relief

It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult, man, woman, or senior citizen; neck pain is debilitating. You cannot watch anything, talk to anyone, or even sleep.

Essential oils like Rosemary oil and Cajeput oil have been known to reduce the chronic pain caused by disc degeneration. Besides relieving pain, Rosemary oil will also help arrest the progression of the problem.

With regular application of essential oils to your neck, you can witness a slow but definite reduction in the intensity of pain you experience and perhaps even complete relief over time. All you need to do is rub your neck with a natural muscle relief cream containing these oils.

Reduce Inflammation in the Cervical Disc in the Neck

Inflammation in the cervical disc in the neck can lead to severe long-term issues. You need to control the inflammation to help the body heal itself. Essential oils like Thyme and Rosemary are the perfect candidates for the job.

Thyme oil contains an active ingredient called Carvacrol that inhibits inflammation-causing COX-2. The Rosemarinic Acid in Rosemary Oil has been scientifically shown to be effective in treating inflammatory diseases1 like herniation.

As the inflammation reduces, so does the pain.

Control Soft Tissue Damage

The chronic soft tissue damage makes herniation a gradually worsening and painful condition. There is growing evidence that proves the efficacy of essential oils for bulging discs in the back and neck. Pine oil, for instance, can significantly control the damage2 to soft tissue. It is not only effective in treating the pain but also alleviates swelling and improves circulation.

Ease Discomfort

Tired, painful, and sore muscles in the neck can find quick relief in Ginger oil, Teatree oil, and Juniper oil. These oils help relax the muscles in the neck region and ease the general tightness you experience. In doing so, they tame the spasms that accompany herniated neck.

Make It Easier

When it comes to holistic care, essential oils command a celebrity status. After all, they present an easy, effective, and safe method to treat common health issues. Our aim is to make it easier for you to realize the healing effects of essential oils with our natural muscle relief cream that brings you the highest quality, convenient application, and the best results.

So, if you are suffering from a herniated cervical disc, then it's time you switch to creams with essential oils. Let them heal you naturally!





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