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Want Relief from a Herniated Disc?

Want Relief from a Herniated Disc?

Want Relief from Herniated Disc? 

Waking up every morning with an agonizing lower back pain is not a way to live. But, this is the sad everyday reality of people who have been suffering from degenerative disc diseases, such as a stressed back, or worse, a herniated disc. Pain relievers are good for temporary relief, but what they need is a disc remedy that does not just mask the problem, but also improves their condition. There are many, actually.

In fact, for people who are looking for a natural remedy for herniated disc, there are plenty of options. A lot of people prefer these solutions because they are non-invasive and rather gentle on the body. So, let’s check out some natural remedies.


Juniper oil is a well-known stimulant. It is an anti-oxidant, which also has anti-microbial properties. It modulates the central nervous system and controls the release of neurotransmitters. Scientists are yet to find the exact component in Juniper responsible for this, but studies are currently underway. Juniper helps in numbing the pain and treating the sore joints. It also has anti-spasmodic properties. So, it can comfort the muscle spasms too. It is the perfect herniated disc pain relief solution.


Cajeput oil has its own special place among analgesic essential oils. It helps in relieving pain of the bones as well as of the nerves. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties ensure that the pain relief it brings is a lasting one. Most important of all, cajeput helps in relieving the stress in muscles. So a treatment with this oil can be very relaxing for people suffering from the perpetual pain from herniated disc.


This one needs no introduction. From grandmothers to scientists, everyone agrees that ginger is an extraordinary ingredient that can help alleviate pain by degenerative disc. Ginger has 14 bio-active compounds and each has a different role to play. [6]-gingerol is one of those compounds and is known to be an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It not only helps in managing pain, but also in reducing swelling. There have been multiple studies that have proven the efficacy of ginger extracts in helping patients with bone and spine disorders.

 Dead Sea Minerals

This salt lake of the Mediterranean is a thing of marvel. It is rich in so many minerals and other compounds that help with many conditions including a herniated disc. Calcium found in the Dead Sea helps in strengthening the bones and muscle contraction. Another mineral, Magnesium helps in calming the nerves, reducing muscle spasms. Potassium and sodium, found in large amounts in the Dead Sea, are powerful neurotransmitters. These and many other minerals found in the Dead Sea help in the proper functioning of the muscular-skeletal system and thus managing the pain caused by degenerative disc disorders.


Each of these ingredients is such a potent remedy for a herniated disc. Just imagine the medicinal power they hold when they are combined together, along with some other powerful ingredients for herniated disc management? The good news is that it has already been done and it’s called TerraCure’s Red Rub. Apart from the amazing components listed above, it also contains Tea Tree Oil, Thyme oil, Rosemary oil, and Pine Oil. This cream can help patients experience relief after regular use. This is a rub that is going to change their life.

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